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Underscore is a proud member of the Slate Preferred Partner Program, a network of  organizations that share a commitment to support  transformational effects on the

world of higher education.

Our talented team of Slaters, creators and innovators

work with institutions across the nation to help

maximize their Slate instances.

You can say we live and breathe higher education. As the first ever Slate Platinum Preferred Partner, Underscore works to solve any enrollment challenge by harnessing the power of Slate. We have partnered with both large and small institutions to increase enrollment, maximize engagement and spread awareness through Slate technology such as student portals, instance audits, chatbots and more.

Our Promise


We aren’t just an extension of your staff – we are part of it. Your Underscore team is here to do the heavy lifting every step of the way to help accomplish your goals more thoughtfully, effectively and economically.


With nearly 100 years of combined higher ed experience, our staff have been in your shoes. We have been deans, directors, admissions counselors and marketing professionals, all with a critical understanding of what it means to succeed in this market.


You can ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you – it’s all about collaboration at Underscore. We work diligently (and frequently) to address your unique challenges and  uncover creative ways to solve them.



In this industry, you must be flexible and agile to stay on top. That’s why Underscore is committed to proactively searching for better, more innovative ways to communicate with your prospects.

Meet the Team


Scott Novak


Lizzie Lithgow

Associate Vice President

Ted Magdzinski

Director of

Slate Communications

Jordyn Bailey

Jim Rogers

Morgan Cook

Senior Project Manager

Chris Coons

Senior Account Executive

Director of Operations

Director of Enrollment Strategy

Megan Robinson

Director of Slate Implementation & Training

Amanda Garay-Cedeno

Slate Strategist

Robert Tallerico

Slate Strategist

Selma Gomez

Senior Project Manager

Ashlie Perry

Creative Director

Breé Shepard

Project Coordinator

Brenna Burke

Account Executive

Emma Handron

Project Coordinator

Laura Murnen

Slate Strategist

Jeremiah Tudor

Director of Special Projects

Shane Phillips

Office Manager

Coty Walden

Graphic Designer


Think you have what it takes?

We're always looking for new talent. Email a copy of your resume (and portfolio, for you creative types) to or apply directly to any of the following listings.