Getting to Know U: Jim Rogers

Written By:
Morgan Cook
Wednesday, May 20, 2020

As the Director of Enrollment Strategy, Jim will look at your entire enrollment funnel and tell you what’s missing. From communication plans to the way you use your Slate instance, Jim brings to the table recommendations that are sure to get you closer to your enrollment goals. His biggest strength? Jim has 25 years of experience in an admissions office, starting as a counselor and moving all the way up to a dean. He’s been in your shoes and understands the pressures of admissions. That’s why his work will consistently tie back to your institution’s goals throughout your time working with him.


When he’s not blowing our minds with innovative ideas and new Slate features, Jim can be found:

1. Traveling to Barcelona any chance he gets

2. Making fun videos of his favorite memories to share with his family

3. Dancing to Holiday by Madonna

4. Cooking up delicious crab cakes (preferably Blue Crabs from Maryland)

5. Relaxing with a refreshing glass of red wine

Director of Enrollment Strategy Jim Rogers spends his quarantine lounging by the pool in Florida.

How is Jim surviving the quarantine?

By the pool in Florida living his best life, of course!

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The doer. Every school needs someone that is passionate about their goals. That's Morgan's specialty. She will stop at nothing to make sure students know all of the amazing things that make your institution unique. From search to implementation, Morgan will assure your project stays on track to achieve your enrollment goals. But that's not all...Morgan even has a superpower: she can smell a Chipotle from a mile away!


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