Getting to Know U: Coty Walden

Written By:
Morgan Cook
Monday, December 28, 2020

Coty is the CEO of seeing things that no one else can! Having Coty as your Senior Graphic Designer is like having an extension of your marketing department. She’ll dig into your brand, explore your past and current design elements, find your best photos, and come up with a refreshing design that is right on brand but with an inspiring twist. Just when you’ve exhausted all your ideas, Coty will come up with something that we would never be able to put into words. Her creative eye is unmatched, and she loves using it to bring an institution’s brand to life.

When she isn’t revitalizing client pieces, you can find Coty:

1.       Giving her dog Gitmo lots of walks and playtime

2.       Riding dirt bikes and making us all wish we were more adventurous

3.       Jamming out to Post Malone

4.       Showing everyone how it’s done in the gym

5.       Telling the story of her and her husband to anyone that will listen

What’s one of Coty’s favorite things about working at Underscore?

Working with her best friend! Coty and Director of Slate Implementation and Consultation Megan Robinson have been best friends since their prom years and it’s a friendship with no end in sight!

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