Getting to Know U: Laura Murnen

Written By:
Morgan Cook
Thursday, January 21, 2021

Laura is our Slate Deliver module guru! She is not only an expert at making sure your folder structure makes sense for your admissions team AND a liquid markup expert, but she is also the queen of catching missed populations. “You want an email to go to X? Sure, but let’s talk about Y and Z.” Laura will stop at nothing to make sure every student is communicated to in a way that works for both student and institution.

Laura goes way above and beyond when putting campaigns together in client Slate instances, and she always makes sure to explain to clients why she does things the way she does so they know best practice moving forward. She’s very much a “teach a man to fish” kind of partner, which is the best kind to have in higher education!

When she’s not making sure client campaigns are running flawlessly, you can find Laura:

  1. Riding her new vintage bike around Cincinnati (Check out the excitement in her eyes in the photo below!)
  1. Educating anyone that will listen about her coffee favorites
  1. Visiting her family in Toledo
  1. Shopping for her next favorite pair of glasses
  1. Running at the earliest hours of the morning before getting to work on campaigns

What’s Laura’s favorite memory of working with Underscore so far? Meeting the admissions team from Presbyterian College! It was Laura’s first time meeting clients in person and they are the definition of Southern hospitality. Thanks for always being so great, PC team!

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