Getting to Know U: Emma Handron

Written By:
Morgan Cook
Monday, June 29, 2020

With Emma as your project manager, you’ll forget what the word “no” means. Emma’s dedication to her clients never ceases to impress us and we admire the way she will do anything to make sure their projects stay on schedule and on target. She will plan your project from beginning to end in accordance with your deadlines and enrollment goals. She rolls with the punches when things change and doesn’t miss a beat when adapting to a new plan.

When she’s not keeping everyone on time and on task, you can find Emma:

1.       Making incredible cocktails (Check out her new favorite watermelon margaritas here)

2.       Playing bocce in her backyard

3.       Keeping up with all things Chrissy Teigen

4.       Jamming out to Luke Combs

5.       Trying to find her way back to Budapest

Emma is getting through quarantine the only way she knew how… She got a puppy! Luna has officially stolen our hearts.
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The doer. Every school needs someone that is passionate about their goals. That's Morgan's specialty. She will stop at nothing to make sure students know all of the amazing things that make your institution unique. From search to implementation, Morgan will assure your project stays on track to achieve your enrollment goals. But that's not all...Morgan even has a superpower: she can smell a Chipotle from a mile away!


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