Getting to Know U: Robert Tallerico

Written By:
Morgan Cook
Monday, February 22, 2021

When it comes to implementing Slate, most people find that all the different ways to do things can be overwhelming. Cue Rob Tallerico! Not only does Rob know the ins and outs of implementing Slate, but he’s always ready and willing to explain them to clients step-by-step. Rob gets to know your institution’s processes, top priorities, and goals for Slate, then guides the way in figuring out which method of implementation will work best for your institution. And if that weren’t enough to convince you, Rob has over 15 years of higher education experience, meaning he’s been on the other side of the desk and knows how important your needs are. He is well versed in the ever-changing world of admissions and will be with your institution every step of the way to make sure your Slate instance makes your life a little easier.

When he’s not blowing our minds with new ways to use Slate features, you can find Rob:

  1. Trying to stay active – especially golfing, jogging, and playing dek hockey  
  1. Beating the latest Nintendo Switch or original NES video games with his 7-year old son  
  1. Learning all about the world of both fine art and British street art with his dad  
  1. Searching for and learning to play new songs on the piano (trying to make sure those 10 years of lessons don’t go to waste!)  
  1. Traveling, cooking, and finding new adventures with Janet, his wife of nearly 14 years  

His favorite Underscore memory? Joining so many colleagues for Underscore’s Stump the Slate Squad webinar in December.

Did you miss our Stump the Slate Squad webinar in December? You can view the recording on our YouTube Page by clicking the photo of our #SlateSquad above.
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